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RE/MAX Deal Makers

Celebrating 5 Years in Business

RE/MAX Deal Makers is celebrating its 5th anniversary in the real estate business serving the Hampshire area and beyond.  If you are looking to put down roots, either for your home or commercial business, the team at RE/MAX can help find the right deal for you.

Before opening the RE/MAX office at 113 W Oak Knoll Drive, Bruce Burklow had been a part of his father’s business, which specialized in building homes and neighborhoods in the surrounding area since the 1960’s.  Bruce said he decided to get into the real estate business because it was a natural segue from the building work he had been doing.

“We were building properties and people would come up and say they needed a realtor.  I thought it would be great to open my own agency and continue to help people that way,” he said.

Bruce and Robbi opened their real estate business on April 8th, 2016.  The couple said they chose the RE/MAX franchise because of their recognizable brand as the number one seller of homes in the United States.

“Their slogan is, ‘Nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX,’ and we thought the notoriety of that reputation was one less thing that you have to explain to customers,” Bruce said.

While training for the franchise in Denver, Colorado, the couple had the opportunity to meet with RE/MAX founders and found them to be “down to earth” people who made them feel valued within the company.

“We knew the company had a heart and soul in it and they treated us as equals,” Robbi said.

“With RE/MAX, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.  The franchise gave us the support we needed, like a family.  You get so much training, we felt it was the best place to be,” Bruce said.

Of the transition from builder to realtor, Bruce said there were parts he did not expect.

“It was the same, but different.  I like the relationships I have built and the friendships that being a realtor has created,” Bruce said.

RE/MAX Deal Makers is a full-service real estate office that offers service to home sellers and buyers as well as having a commercial division.  He said the commercial part was a natural progression for him in this business.

“I had a lot of commercial experience with the family business developing land.  We would buy a farm to develop with housing and end up with 10 acres across the front and we would develop that for commercial use,” Bruce said.

Bruce has worked in the Village since 1988.  He and Robbi have lived in Hampshire since 1993 and have raised their three children in the Village.

“We want to continue to grow our office and grow within this community, to establish relationships with people,” Robbi said.

For all you real estate needs, contact RE/MAX Deal Makers at or call (847) 683-9200.  You can also visit their website at