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About Us

Our mission is to help business owners like you to grow through network-building and community partnerships.

Who we are

The Hampshire Area Chamber of Commerce is made up of businesses and individuals within the Hampshire, Burlington and Pingree Grove areas.  We represent a diverse population of businesses including retail, restaurant, commercial, industrial, entertainment, nonprofit and tourism industries.

An Advocate for Your Business

We are a nonprofit, non-governmental 501c6 corporation dedicated to promoting our member businesses while working to enhance the quality of life for the residents in our communities. The Chamber serves as a voice for business among our municipal, regional and state governing bodies. We help bring customers and business partners together with your business, to help your business grow.

Connecting You with Prospects and Partners

As a pro-business organization, the Chamber exists to offer business events and activities that foster network-building opportunities among our members and customer facing opportunities within the community.

What's In It For You

Like a good business partner, we promote member businesses through our services and events.

We attend village meetings and maintain relationships with elected officials to help ensure your business concerns are heard by government.

We are a marketing asset for sharing your news and promoting your business.

Contact Us

Phone: 847.683.1122