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Delta Yoga

Photo courtesy of Delta Yoga


Delta Yoga fills a need for yoga classes for adults in Hampshire

If you are looking for a group fitness experience in a calming, spa-like atmosphere with a modern feel, look no further than Delta Yoga in Hampshire, IL.

When owner, Katie Abdul-Haqq, moved to Hampshire with her husband and three children in 2019, there were very few group fitness choices in the village.

Formerly a realtor, and with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, Katie worked as a substitute teacher in District 300 for a few years after moving to Hampshire. As a lifelong dancer, choreographer and dance instructor, Katie sought out a place to get some movement back into her life.

She began to visit yoga studios in neighboring communities, and found herself dreaming about creating a new studio in Hampshire.


Benefits of a Group Dynamic

Teaching ballet, tap and jazz was her first job as a teenager, while also leading and doing choreography for her high school dance team. She loves the group dynamic and the many benefits one receives from attending a class with other people.

“When you make the decision to show up for a class, you are a support system for each other. Everyone does better when we are together at class than you would at home alone on the mat,” she said.

The desire to be a part of group exercise classes led her to a yoga studio in Crystal Lake where she says serendipity played a role in her future.  Not only did the practice of yoga provide her with a sense of peace - she loved the yoga atmosphere- but the studio also offered a 200-hour yoga instructor’s training program.

Courtesy photo: Owner, Katie Abdul-Haqq

A Heart for Teaching

“I’ve always been a teacher.  I realized I needed (yoga) for mental health as well as physical,” she said.

Her heart for teaching and her passion for fitness and bringing movement into daily life led Katie to pursue that coursework in yoga instruction and she completed the program in 2021.

She began teaching yoga classes, in addition to substitute teaching, when serendipity again came calling in the spring of 2023.

“A realtor friend, Christine Klein, texted me that a space was available for a yoga studio and that I should come see it,” she said.  She met Christine at the studio and decided she would accept the challenge of opening her own studio.

“I don’t like to do things halfway.  I wanted to have really good software and an app that made it easy for customers to use,” she said.

Creating the Perfect Yoga Ambiance 

She worked throughout the summer of 2023 to transform the studio at 184 S. State Street into Delta Yoga, a cozy, yet modern, spa-like studio for adults of all ages and fitness levels to come and connect mind, body and spirit.

She revamped the entire space using cool earth tones for a mural on one wall, ballet barre for special exercises and new flooring that gives the space a Zen-like vibe.

“I want people to feel reset, to tune into themselves and accept where they are that day, and feel supported by the group,” Katie said.

She chose the name Delta Yoga, which gives a nod to the delta triangle symbol that signifies change. Katie believes change is the only constant in life.  She also believes in the power of continuous self-improvement and knows that people can grow alongside their classmates in a community.

Yoga is for Everyone

Katie works with new moms, young adults, retirees and men, but she was surprised to find how many of her clients are women in their 40’s and 50’s.

“The studio, and yoga in general, provides women with a place to reset and feel purpose,” she said. Women in mid-life who are dealing with kids leaving home and finding new purpose in life benefit from the practice of yoga.

“Yoga means union: connecting mind, body and spirit. Yoga is about your time on the mat, doing what your body can do that day.”

Katie said she feels joy when her clients tell her they are excited because their kids got them new sticky socks and a yoga mat.

“They are supporting her because they are so glad to see their mom doing something for herself.”

Classes and Special Events

The studio caters to the niche markets that make up her client base.  Offering classes early in the morning for working people; later in the evening for young moms who can get away after the kids are in bed; daytime classes for retired or self-employed clients who have more control over their schedules; and classes on the weekends for just about everyone else.

Delta Yoga offers special events that focus on different aspects of wellness, as well as pop-up classes and their regularly scheduled classes.

“Special events help the community to learn together different aspects of wellness. When I plan one, I ask myself, ‘How is this related to wellness?’” she said.

Pre and post-natal workshops, a back health workshop and breathwork classes are among the special events offered to help people achieve balance in mental and physical health.

The Instructors at Delta Yoga

There are seven instructors, including Katie, who teach classes at the studio.  Katie said she is careful in choosing instructors and strives to get to know their personalities and the reason behind why they want to teach at the studio.

The instructors come from a variety of backgrounds such as ballet, personal training, weightlifting, yoga, and even roller derby.

“Most instructors have other jobs and families, but they make the choice to teach. They put a lot of effort into it.  It is because they have a heart for it.  They believe in it,” she said.

About this Business:

Name:  Delta Yoga

Address:  184 S State Street (2nd Floor), Hampshire, IL


Pricing:  New Client Promo- two classes for $20 intro offer.  $20 per single class. Membership packages available.